Hello, My name is Antonio Rodarte. The WhoisRodarte blog covers all of my interests. I’m all about odd news, technology, sports, and music. I’m a bit of a weirdo, so I like reading about weird FUNNY stuff . It has to be funny or else I’m not reading , I’m not that weird. I’m not the biggest tech nerd but I do keep up with software and new products especially if it can do stuff for me.

Sports in my house is 24/7. When I was younger I would hear my dad and older brother talk about sports all the time. I would listen to their debates and listen to them tell each other what was going on in the sports world. In the summer we spoke baseball, in the fall we talk Bulls, Winter time we bear down, and in the spring we take a little break then repeat. Music is what powers my drive to chase a career in radio. Listening to new music is always fun but I also love to hear the creative process of the artist to help make their vision come about . I hope you enjoy.tony2