The journey to a career in broadcasting for Rodarte has been going strong for about a year now , Now the progress has been significant. About 6-7 months ago Rodarte got the phone call and was let know of his first ever internship helping produce a radio show. Months later,he became the co-host on the same show. While pursuing a career in broadcasting it is important for anyone to grow everyday. Which is exactly why Rodarte chose to also attend the Illinois Media School. Things are looking up but there is still much work to do

The WhoisRodarte blog is life through Antonio Rodarte’s eyes. Let’s get into some quick background info on Antonio Rodarte. Rodarte was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. Rodarte is 21 years old and before IMS, He attended Richard J. Daley college. After 2 years, he graduated with an Associates degree in arts. After he learned about the Illinois Media School, he knew this would benefit him best in the future.

As mentioned before Antonio is currently pursuing a career in broadcasting but to be more specific as an on air personality. It doesn’t end there though, Antonio also wants to one day run a successful blog. He also wants to produce a successful radio show, so becoming a on air personality is not the only goal.